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FlagPlayer is a music-oriented, single-page, client-side YouTube web app - and it is open source!
You can search for videos and playlists, or enter them directly, save playlists to access them offline at any point, and cache individual audio streams for offline playback.

Web App?
Once accessed FlagPlayer resides in your browser cache (less than 100KB) and does not require an active internet connection to work, except of course to fetch the videos from YouTubes servers. That means you can listen to cached audio even when completely offline. Additionally you can add FlagPlayer to your home screen and it will act like any other normal app.

Audio Caching
You can find the option to cache an audio stream in the context menu of the video title bar. After caching, just go to your saved playlist and FlagPlayer will detect when you are offline and automatically only play back your cached audio in that playlist, until you are online again. Even if you are online, if you left "Cache First" in the settings enabled, it will use the cached audio without redownloading the stream. To view all cached streams and the storage usage, go to the settings and click on "Audio Cache".

Features and issues
The player itself allows you to only listen to the audio stream if you want, in case you only want audio, and is otherwise more or less a standard player.
It does not yet support subtitles and similar features, and it will stutter and go out of sync with the audio when playing back very high resolution videos.
FlagPlayer does not use any official YouTube APIs and is thus completely legal to use.
That does however mean it has to be constantly updated to not break. If you spot an error, please create an issue.
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